Vegan Prosecco

Following on from all the drama surrounding non-vegan juices and soft drinks, I was in the mood for a glass of cold bubbly and found just the ticket in the nearest Sainsbury’s Local.

If you are a fan of Prosecco but you don’t like to spend a lot of money, this bottle is going to make you a happy vegan.

I thought the asking price of £6 was reasonable but I’m not exactly a Prosecco connoisseur, so I don’t feel confident giving you a tasting run down.

All I know is it is labelled vegan, it is bubbly and it tastes lovely chilled.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I’m housebound and get my shopping delivered from Sainsbury. I think they are probably the best supermarket for vegan labeling on their own brand products and if you search their site for vegan wines the number of results is quite surprising. Plus, at the moment they have are offering a 25% discount on 6 bottles of plonk.

  2. I find Sainsburys excellent for vegan wines! Other supermarkets don’t often label their own brands vegan or not which is annoying. I personally love Sainsburys own brand organic, fair trade and vegan red wine!

  3. I’ve tried this before and think it’s really good value and is lovely on a sunny day. If you want to sound like a poncy wine buff then, as I remember it has notes of peach and pear but is still quite dry and is good to drink on its own or with (soya) creamy pastas, pizza or other delicate Mediterranaean style dishes. (I’ve met a lot of wine merchants) 😉

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