My good pal Hannah sent me a tweet earlier today asking if I had heard about the poor cows connected to Kensington vegetarian cafe Down To Earth. I hadn’t, so I did some searching online.

What I found out is very distressing.

Down to Earth Kensington

Down to Earth Kensington

As reported by London Evening Standard, the owner of Down To Earth Khalid Undre was found guilty of animal welfare offences. He was ordered to perform 120 hours of community work and to pay £2,500 legal costs.

So what exactly were the offences?

The Standard reports that “health inspectors raided the farm last January after a tip-off from a concerned local. One cow lay dead in heavy snow, having given birth without help. Another cow and its calf died later. The rest of the Red Poll cattle were underweight and dehydrated after being left without enough food or water.”

Apparently Undre is appealing the conviction. You can read the full London Evening Standard article here, including the rest of the terrible facts of the case.

My original review of Down To Earth is here.

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  1. This is horrendous, Utterly sickening. I’d been looking forward to trying Down to Earth but i definitely will not be going near it now unless by some miracle the charges against the owner are found to be false.

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