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Best value in London?

Josh has stopped by with some news for budget-conscious vegans regarding what could very well be the cheapest takeaway lunch in central London for plant-eaters.

Read all about it and then make lunch plans for tomorrow!

First day back at work today and as I hadn’t brought anything for lunch, I found myself wandering around Tottenham Court Road at lunchtime deciding how to fill up without spending a fortune. Fortunately I remembered that Sagar have a location just a short walk from my office so I headed down Percy Street and less than five minutes later was walking back to my office with a takeaway vegan thali. How exciting!

The thali came with two different curries/dahls, fried rice, salad, coconut chutney and a paratha bread. Everything was seriously delicious and the best part is that it was £3.50. Yep, you read correctly. £3.50. That’s less than some places charge for a lousy old sandwich.

If you want to eat in the restaurant, the cost goes up ever so slightly to £4.95 but that’s still pretty darn cheap for a delicious vegan thali in central London. Yay for Sagar!

Takeaway vegan thali - is this the cheapest vegan lunch in London?

Takeaway thali – is this the cheapest vegan lunch in London?

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