Comida mexicana gratis

Are you available on Wednesday November 21, 2012 at 6:30pm? “Maybe” I hear you say? What if I told you I am hosting an event in conjunction with Google Local at a Mexican restaurant where all attendees will be treated to free vegan food and a tequila tasting? Of course you are available!

Eight people will join me in feasting on vegan Mexican delights and a sampling of fine tequilas picked out exclusively for our event. All at no cost to them.

How do you get an invite?

Get over to the Google event page and RSVP. Then follow the instructions on securing a place. I ate in the restaurant recently and believe me when I say you will adore the experience.

Click here to secure your spot at the event – spaces extremely limited

This event is taking place just a short walk from Euston and Warren Street.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I can’t go to this but sometimes go to London, does the restaurant usually offer vegan food? If so could you tell me what it’s called? (If this has to wait until after the event that’s fine)

    • I’ll be doing a story on the restaurant next week, so keep looking for it!

  2. Wah, it’s a Wednesday! The tequila-tasting part would be wasted on me, so at least I feel alittle better. I look forward to learning the name of the restaurant & trying them out some time.

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