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In just 12 months London Vegan Potluck has become somewhat of an institution. The first Wednesday of every month has been turned into a glorious sea of vegan food delights.

But we don’t just stuff ourselves silly and stroke our bellies. Sometimes London vegans like to give back. In that spirit, we turned the most recent London Vegan Potluck into a fundraiser for Animal Aid. Sponsored by the wonderful Tupperware Man, the event raised approximately £150 for the charity through a raffle and partial sales donations.

(The Tupperware Man can also be found selling his wares this week as part of the super camp Dixie’s Tupperware Party at the Soho Theatre)

Potluck attendee Charlotte and her photographer companion Alicia have kindly offered to report back on the wonderful event. Take it away, friends…

Being a vegan learning about animal cruelty can be demoralising and depressing. However, there is an answer to (my) vegan prayers – Vegan Potluck. It’s the first Wednesday of every month, just 5 minutes from Holborn station. In a bright spacious room, you can fulfil your vegan desires, one cruelty free bite at a time, whilst meeting like-minded people.

Gathering for the potluck

On Wednesday 2nd May 2012 my friend Alicia and I arrived; with shop brought vegan food (I had an elaborate dish planned but had attend to my vegan duties looking after a stray dog, which was eventually reunited with its owner).

It’s usually torture waiting to devour the vast collection of animal free delights. However at this potluck, I was distracted by Tupperware man and his eye candy collection of kitchen goodies, with a part of the sales of the evening and the week going to Animal Aid! I was spoilt for choice.

Tasty dishes

Colourful delights

Eating normally starts around 6:30. Most people usually start with a savoury main but my sweet tooth prevailed and I had no choice but to start with dessert. Once I was done with desserts I made my way to the savouries, where in no time I was back in vegan food heaven.

For this potluck my taste buds sampled the delights of; chocolate fudge cake, Princess Leia’s cinnamon buns, peanut stew, mushroom Ceviche, jerk seitan, chocolate torte, pasta bake, the list goes on!

Delicious seitan salad

Princess Leia’s cinnamon buns had the perfect cinnamon balance, whilst not being over sweet. The jerk seitan had that ‘kick’ that kept you going back for more and the pasta bake with its vegan ricotta cheese left me lost for words.

The vegan potluck appeals to the taste and satisfies the conscience

I reached the sad time in the night where I can eat no more, my stomach full with delicious cruelty free food. Then it was time for the raffle, a selection of Tupperware prizes with the proceeds going to Animal Aid.

A happy raffle winner

So, it’s back nose-to-the-grindstone planning for the next vegan potluck.

Pictures © Alicia Sadler

Words by @vegancharlotte

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  1. Love this post! (and now I’m hungry… ;))

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