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Vegan ice cream wars are back on

Pompompous Maple Pecan by Booja-Booja

The lovely people of Booja-Booja recently got in touch with me to ask if I would be willing to give one of their vegan ice cream flavours a try. Ummm… how long do you think I needed to think about that one?  I’m not sure I finished reading their email before I hit the reply button.

If you cast your mind back a short while, you will remember my ecstatic review of the Booja-Booja Hunky Punky Chocolate variety. I have been a massive fan of their frozen treats since that day and the flavour that was recently delivered to me by the company has only cemented my love.

Pompompous Maple Pecan was the chilled gift that found it’s way to my door. The gluten and dairy free deliciousness is creamy and smooth with an almost-caramel flavour. I left it out of the freezer for a short while before consuming as I like my iced confections soft. By the time I got a spoon to it, the tub contents were fluffy and went down ever so well.

Rich, nutty goodness

If you are looking for a vegan ice cream, Booja-Booja will satisfy and then some. Their gourmet agave and cashew concoctions are world class. Now… if I could only find the elusive 2 litre tub of the chocolate I would be a happy FGV indeed.

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  1. Sounds really really good 🙂

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