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Cool as ice

It must be a struggle for parents and carers of young children to navigate the minefield that is modern day junk food. Every high street store in the country is packed to the rafters with fat, sugar and artificial additives. If you are raising your child on a vegan diet, the challenge to find healthy and appealing snacks must be even more complicated.

But for those of you shopping for children, you are in luck! Your friendly FGV eats like a 10 year old but reads ingredients like a world-weary extremist… and has good news for you.

Let me introduce you to It’s Only Natural.

It's Only Natural

It’s Only Natural

These frozen fruit delights are simply just that… frozen fruit. Buy them on a stick or in a push up pop. Whichever way you choose, you are getting a sweet treat made up of nothing but fruit.

I stumbled across these new products at a recent trade show and I was instantly smitten. Sure, the fact that they are vegan was the selling point but I have rarely seen more irresistible packaging and branding. I’m a sucker for bright colours and cartoon characters!

Gorgeous branding & vegan

Gorgeous branding & vegan

Try to say no to a Moshi Monster!

Try to say no to a Moshi Monster!

The ice lolly packets are emblazoned with the Moshi Monsters phenomenon, making them near impossible for big kids like me to resist. The flavours I sampled included Poppet Raspberry and Katsuma Tropical, while I was told to expect Furry Cola and Zommer Blackcurrant soon. Sweet and tasty with nothing but fruit for ingredients.

If the sun ever comes out in the UK, I know where I intend to source at least a few of my five a day!

Available nationally and via their online shop.

Visit It’s Only Natural online

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